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Ice Machine

Queenwins is a professional manufacturing and sales of hotels, restaurants, bars, kitchens and other catering supplies and equipment. The One-piece ice Machine is also known as the under-the-counter ice maker, which occupies a relatively small space area. Generally, it can also be placed under the cash register. Moreover, the entire ice making system and deicing system are connected together, which is common in some bars or restaurants. The entire installation or operation is very simple, and can be used by directly connecting the power supply to the water source. It is suitable for some small bars or small restaurants.

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Product Description

Queenwins is a prominent ice machine factory based in China. As a leading manufacturer, Queenwins specializes in producing high-quality ice machines to meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide. Their ice machines are designed for various applications, including commercial establishments, hospitality industries, and foodservice businesses. With a focus on advanced technology and innovative design, Queenwins' ice machines offer efficient and reliable ice production to ensure a steady supply of ice for their clients. The factory's commitment to quality and performance makes them a trusted choice for businesses seeking top-notch ice machines. Queenwins' dedication to customer satisfaction, along with their competitive pricing and comprehensive after-sales support, has established them as a reliable partner in the ice machine industry.

Product Features

One-piece ice Machine have different size and make of ice per day and is a suitable for coffee shops, bars and beverage stores. The ice maker has the following features: adjustable size ice, brand compressor, automatic cleaning, automatic stop when full of water, etc.

Product Specifications and Parameters

The parameter specifications of One-piece ice Machine are as follows.



One-piece ice Machine 


Product intelligent operation and dual protection

One-piece ice Machine with full CNC operating system, one key intelligent ice making, also with full load protection and overheating protection, can be used with peace of mind.

One-click product cleaning and blue light sterilization

One-piece ice Machine with one key intelligent cleaning, easy to operate, easy to use, save manpower, also with blue light sterilization function, making the ice clean and hygienic.

Product details and installation

1. The One-piece ice Machine should not be placed in the open air, but should be installed in a safe, clean and well-ventilated environment
2. It should not be close to the heat source, and the operating environment should not be lower than 5C, not higher than 40C, so as not to affect the heat dissipation of the condenser due to the high temperature
3. Adjust the foundation screw at the bottom of the machine to ensure that the machine is placed horizontally, otherwise it will cause no deicing and noise during operation

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