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Principle of ice maker

The working principle of the ice maker is: through regulating the water valve, the water is automatically input into the storage tank, and then regulated by the flow control valve, the water is sent to the water pump, and then evenly sprayed on the ice maker surface from the diversion head. At this time, the water is cooled to the freezing point, and the water that has not been evaporated and frozen will flow into the storage tank through the multi-hole tank, and the circulation will start again. When the ice reaches the thickness required by the user, the hot air discharged by the compressor is led back to the ice maker wall again, forming a film of water. This film of water falls into the tank freely under the action of gravity. The water generated during the ice harvesting cycle will also be returned to the storage tank by the porous tank to prevent the wet ice from being discharged by the machine.

1: Introduction of ice maker

Ice maker is a machine used for ice making. It can turn water into ice to meet people's needs. It is a modern household appliance that can be used at home and can help people make ice more conveniently.

The history of ice machine can be traced back to 1850, when an American inventor invented the first ice machine. His invention made it easier to make ice, and also made ice cubes can be made at home. After that, the ice machine developed rapidly, and more and more people began to use it. It also became a household appliance.

Now, the ice machine has developed into a high-tech electrical appliance, which can produce ice cubes of various shapes and sizes. It can also adjust the temperature of ice making, the flow of water, and the time of ice making, making it easier for people to control the ice making process.

2: Application of ice maker

The ice maker is widely used, and different applications can be written according to different application scenarios, including:

1. Refrigeration: The ice maker can be used to refrigerate food, such as vegetables, fruits, meat, etc., to prevent food deterioration and maintain the freshness of food.

2. Ice cream production: ice maker can be used to make ice cream. In the process of ice cream production, milk and other raw materials need to be cooled to a certain temperature, and then ice machine is needed.

3. Beverage cooling: The ice maker can be used to cool drinks, such as cola and juice, to keep the drinks cool and delicious.

4. Cooling air conditioner: The ice maker can also be used to cool the air conditioner, so that the air conditioner can cool down quickly and save more energy.

5. Wine making: ice maker can be used for wine making. In the process of wine making, raw materials need to be cooled to a certain temperature, and then ice maker is needed.

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