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Detailed introduction of the number of pots

The number of dishes can be widely used in hotels, kitchens, cafeterias, fast food restaurants, bakeries, barbecues, and various gathering occasions.

1. Before using the stainless steel utensils, please scald them with boiling water for several times and disinfect them at high temperature.

2. Avoid overturning, falling and collision to avoid affecting the beauty.

3. Stainless steel products should not be exposed to soy sauce, vinegar and other substances containing salt or other alkaline substances for a long time.

4. If you find some stains caused by machine stretching, you can add vinegar with warm water, dilute and soak for 30 minutes before cleaning.

5. Stainless steel utensils are suitable for cleaning with cloth and detergent diluted with warm water. Do not use alkaline, metal, chemical and other substances to wipe.

6. In order to prevent odor and stains, please clean and dry it after use.

7. Do not touch the stainless steel utensils directly with your hands after being heated by high temperature to avoid scalding.

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