Commercial Refrigerate Counter
  • Commercial Refrigerate CounterCommercial Refrigerate Counter
  • Commercial Refrigerate CounterCommercial Refrigerate Counter
  • Commercial Refrigerate CounterCommercial Refrigerate Counter
  • Commercial Refrigerate CounterCommercial Refrigerate Counter

Commercial Refrigerate Counter

Queenwins is a professional manufacturing and sales of hotels, restaurants, bars, kitchens and other catering supplies and equipment. The Commercial refrigerate counter is a utility model that discloses a multifunctional stainless steel fresh-keeping freezer-gymnastics water bar, including a cabinet, which includes a cabinet, a pool and a refrigerator. Its features are that there are legs at the bottom of the cabinet, the ice tank and the refrigerator are arranged side by side, the ice tank is arranged in the front space of the refrigerator, the ice tank and the upper door of the refrigerator are sliding doors, and two cabinets are arranged side by side at the side of the refrigerator, The outer panel of the cabinet is made of brushed material. The cabinet is equipped with a door handle, and a pool is set on the left side of the refrigerator.Commercial refrigerate counter is very suitable for family business use.

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Product Description

Queenwins is a well-known supplier of commercial refrigerators, known in the industry for its high-quality commercial refrigerators and professional services. Whether you run a restaurant, supermarket or food processing business, Queenwins can provide you with a variety of models and specifications of commercial refrigerators to ensure that your ingredients and goods are kept at ideal temperature conditions, ensuring the freshness and quality of food. Whether you need commercial refrigerators or refrigerated benches, Queenwins is your reliable partner, providing efficient and reliable refrigeration solutions for your commercial operations. Whatever your needs, Queenwins is here to meet your commercial refrigeration needs and keep your business running smoothly.

Product Features

1.Transforming the landscape of commercial refrigeration, our refrigerated counter employs an innovative copper tube refrigeration system. This revolutionary upgrade addresses the historical challenges of sluggish cooling, inadequate airflow, and longevity concerns that plagued older models.

2.Engineered for utmost efficiency, our refrigerated counter features a high-density foam layer that accomplishes more than just insulation—it ensures a lasting seal of coldness. This meticulous design not only conserves energy and reduces electricity consumption but also acts as a formidable barrier against heat infiltration and safeguards the integrity of the chilled environment.

Product Specifications and Parameters

The parameter specifications of Commercial refrigerate counter are as follows.



Commercial refrigerate counter


Product advantages

1. The Commercial refrigerate counter is made of stainless steel, which is natural and special, and has irreplaceable function of other materials;
2. Acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, oxidation-resistant, beautiful surface, and can always keep bright as new,;
3. It is firm and elastic, resistant to impact and wear, and does not damage the cleaned utensils;
4. Multi-functional and portable. Through precise processing, it can be made into different shapes and styles, and can be matched with various kitchen countertops.

Product customization

Commercial refrigerate counter can be customized in various sizes according to different needs of the store

Product details and installation

Please install the Freezer Bar counter correctly
1.Screw the horizontal adjusting leg to the bottom of the refrigerator.
2. Screw the adjusting screw of each leg to the end.

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