Cube Ice Machine
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  • Cube Ice MachineCube Ice Machine
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Cube Ice Machine

Queenwins is a professional manufacturing and sales of hotels, restaurants, bars, kitchens and other catering supplies and equipment. The main products involve Cube ice machine, freezers, mixers and other hotel and restaurant commercial kitchenware supplies. Our company's product advantage lies in the quality and price, has been committed to do a good job products.Our block refrigerators have a good sales volume all over the world.Welcome to consult!

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Product Description

Queenwins is a trusted supplier and factory of cube ice machines, offering high-quality and reliable ice-making equipment. With their expertise in manufacturing, Queenwins produces top-notch cube ice machines that cater to the needs of various industries, including restaurants, bars, hotels, and supermarkets. Their ice machines are designed for efficiency and ease of use, ensuring a steady supply of crystal-clear ice cubes for a wide range of applications. Whether it's for refreshing beverages, food preservation, or chilling purposes, Queenwins' cube ice machines are the go-to choice for businesses seeking exceptional ice-making solutions.

Product features

Cube ice machinehave different size and make different weight of ice per day and is a suitable for coffee shops, bars and beverage stores. The ice maker has the following features: adjustable size ice, brand compressor, automatic cleaning, automatic stop when full of water, etc.

Product specifications and parameters

The parameter specifications of Cube ice machineare as follows.

Model Number



Ice compartment

Cooling method





Water cooling





Water cooling





Water cooling





Water cooling





Water cooling





Water cooling

Product motor and ice making method

* The Cube ice machineice-making process is fully computer controlled, using imported computer chips to make control reliable and operation steady.

* The Cube ice machineuse of imported technologies and accessories makes noise low, operation smooth and reliable. Cooling holes and blower fans are deployed on top of ice makers to ensure that the motor of reducer can operate reliably even under harsh conditions at high temperature.

* The patented technology of line of chip ice-making chamber separated from the evaporator which is adopted attributes to the high cooling efficiency and large ice-making capacity.

* The screw extrusion hob-style ice-making type makes a compact structure, realizing automatic separation of ice from water. The optimal design of skate blade makes the shape of ice small and practical.

* The unique float-type water tank water inflow system ensures that there is no residual water, no ice dearance process and no water wasted, making them water and energy efficient..

Product hardware

*The Cube ice machine High-quality stainless steel is used for enclosures which are anti-corrosive and durable. The compact structure is simple and space-saving.

* The boxes are protected with fluoride-free foam thermal cover featuring good insulation effect. The internal bladders are of fluorine-free bacterial inhibitory type. They are both energy-saving and environment-friendly.

* Cube ice mahcineuse High-quality and high-efficient fluorine-free R134a compressors are adopted. Major parts and components have passed relevant safety certifications. The product are stable in quality and have long service life.

Product details

* Cube ice machinehave ice full display, water deficiency display, in operation display and malfunction warning display, etc. for shutdown protection. They will stop automatically in case of ice full or water deficiency and start automatically when ice is not full or water supply is resumed. They have automatic reminiscence function.

* Small crushed irregular snowflake ice, which can infiltrate into narrow space, featuring fast cooling speed, good ice bathing effect.

* There are power switch and function indicators deployed at the front with detailed instructions, easy to use.

The various safety performance indicators have passed electrical tests and therefore are safe and reliable.

* Long-time ice-making performance testing and commissioning of the machines before leaving the factory, thereby ensuring excellent performance of the product.

* The Cube ice machinehave the new code display function, save the detection time, reflect the fault part more intuitively.

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