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Made in China Workbench Refrigerator can be bought at low prices in Queenwins. As one of the manufacturers and suppliers in China, we have own brands “Queenwins”. Our factory to produce customized Workbench Refrigerator according to customer requirements. In addition to buying low price products, you can also enjoy our thoughtful service. If you want to inquire about the newest products which can be customized, welcome to contact us.
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  • Queenwins is a professional manufacturing and sales of hotels, restaurants, bars, kitchens and other catering supplies and equipment.Bar counter is usually used in hotels, ktv, restaurants, hotels and other entertainment and leisure service places. As a working area providing drinks and other services to guests, the bar is the core position, so its design is particularly important. The combination of texture and design sense can highlight the high quality of the whole decoration, so as to attract more people.

  • Queenwins specializes in the manufacturing and sale of catering supplies and equipment for hotels, restaurants, bars, kitchens, and more. One of our standout products is the Bar Workbench, meticulously crafted from stainless steel. This workbench is composed of several key components, including a sink, ice tank, wine tank, insulating layer, score box, high-pressure cup washer, and drain plate, each serving a specific purpose. At the heart of any bar counter, the bartender relies on this core equipment, appreciated for its user-friendly operation, comprehensive functionality, and ease of maintenance.

As a professional China Workbench Refrigerator manufacturers and suppliers, Queenwins has its own factory. From the initial planning stage of each new product to after-sales service and support, we wholeheartedly formulate suitable solutions according to the different needs of customers. Our goal is to apply our unique solutions and innovative technologies to lead the Barware Utensils industry. You can rest assured to buy Workbench Refrigerator from us.
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