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Queenwins excels in the art of crafting and delivering top-tier catering supplies and equipment tailored for the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, bars, and professional kitchens. Our PC Food GN PAN is the epitome of contemporary kitchen storage solutions, seamlessly combining versatility and functionality.

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Product Description

Queenwins excels in the expert crafting and distribution of top-tier catering supplies and equipment for diverse settings such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and kitchens. Our PC Food GN PAN stands as a testament to modern kitchen storage solutions, boasting multifunctionality that seamlessly integrates into various culinary processes. From its pivotal role in food storage and preparation to its elegant presentation in buffet displays, our GN PAN shines. Moreover, it plays an indispensable role in streamlining the logistics of delivering culinary creations from central kitchens to chain restaurants and catering services.

Product Features

PC Food GN PAN is very suitable for home, restaurant and hotel counter service! The pots are crystal clear and the contents are clear at a glance. Made of shatter-proof PC material, it can resist acid corrosion and oil pollution.

Product Specifications and Parameters

The parameter specifications of PC Food GN PAN are as follows.

Model Number














Product advantages

1. The PC Food GN PAN has high transmittance and is more transparent
The light transmittance is close to glass. The light transmittance of PC endurance board is 85%, and the surface is smooth and comfortable
2. The edge is smooth without hurting hands
Thickened PC acrylic material, thickened and fall-resistant, smooth surface treatment, not easy to deform
3. Bottom sanding
Health and safety material, bottom sanding treatment, anti-slip and fall-resistant
4. Heat insulation is not hot
High temperature resistance 120 ℃, PC acrylic has good heat resistance.

Product details

PC Food GN PAN are divided into many types. We can customize them for you. As following:
1.drain board
Such PC Food GN PAN lid can be used to filter the water carried on some fruits,vegetables or other foods, which is very convenient
2. flip lid
This kind of Lid is very convenient and has good sealing performance. It is easy to open and close the cover.
3.Seal Lid
This kind of PC Food GN PAN lid is very airtight. It can be put into the refrigerator and heated without fear of bacteria.
4.Leaky Lid
This type of lid can be used to place spoons, which is also very convenient

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