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Do ice makers keep ice frozen?


Ice makers do not typically keep ice frozen on their own. Instead, they are designed to produce ice by freezing water and then releasing the ice into a storage bin or container. Once the ice is made, it is stored in the ice bin until it is used.

In most cases, ice makers rely on the surrounding environment, such as the freezer compartment of a refrigerator or a dedicated freezer, to keep the ice frozen. The ice maker's job is to continuously produce ice and deposit it into the storage bin, but it does not have its own cooling mechanism to keep the ice frozen indefinitely.

However, some higher-end ice makers or commercial ice machines may come with built-in features such as insulated storage bins or ice cooling systems that help maintain the temperature of the ice and prevent it from melting too quickly. These features can prolong the life of the ice and keep it frozen for longer periods, but ultimately, the ice maker relies on external refrigeration to keep the ice frozen until it is used.

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