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  • Milk Frother JugMilk Frother Jug
  • Milk Frother JugMilk Frother Jug
  • Milk Frother JugMilk Frother Jug

Milk Frother Jug

Queenwins is a professional manufacturing and sales of hotels, restaurants, bars, kitchens and other catering supplies and equipment. Milk frother jug is used in families, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and milk tea shops. People usually use it to make some exquisite patterns, which makes coffee not only have the function of drinking, but also have good appreciation. Because there is a scale on the drawing cup, people will also use it to measure the volume, which is really useful.

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Product Description

Product Specifications and Parameters

Milk frother jug with different volume correspond to different sizes















Select the appropriate size drawing cup

Most milk frother jug have different specifications, such as 12oz (360ml) and 20oz (600ml). Of course, there are also milk frother jug with other capacity specifications. The size of the milk frother jug should be determined according to the production needs. The ideal amount is to pour milk into the milk cup to the prominent position below the mouth of the milk cup, which is about 1/3 of the milk cup..

Product use

1. Tilt the milk frother jug slightly and compress the coffee. It is best to drag the coffee with steel, tight but not too solid, and pay attention to the speed of coffee flowing out. Only those with coffee grease film can continue to pour. Check whether it is tight, and knock out coffee grounds, which is excellent overall.
2. Inject milk foam stably. The key point is half the cup. Draw a circle to inject milk foam
3. Draw close and shake it. Pay attention to drawing a circle to inject.
4. Shake around, and finally lift up, and then pull back.
5. After leaving the milk frother jug , we successfully completed a coffee flower drawing.

Product material

The milk frother jug is made of high-quality stainless steel without rusting, reaching the food grade.

Product details

The milk frother jug are marked with scales, which can be clearly seen both inside and outside, so that we can choose freely in our daily life

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