Commercial Fruit Slicer
  • Commercial Fruit SlicerCommercial Fruit Slicer
  • Commercial Fruit SlicerCommercial Fruit Slicer
  • Commercial Fruit SlicerCommercial Fruit Slicer
  • Commercial Fruit SlicerCommercial Fruit Slicer

Commercial Fruit Slicer

Queenwins specializes in the manufacturing and sales of catering supplies and equipment for hotels, restaurants, bars, kitchens, and more. Our Commercial fruit slicer is thoughtfully crafted with customer needs in mind, offering outstanding benefits such as exceptional efficiency, user-friendly operation, dependable quality, attractive aesthetics, and a compact design. It serves as the perfect tool for food processing facilities seeking to consistently slice large cylindrical vegetables, roots, fruits, and melons (such as cassava, sweet potatoes, field potatoes, radishes, lotus roots, a variety of melons, eggplants, potatoes, etc.).

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Product Description

Queenwins is a trusted supplier of Commercial Fruit Slicers, providing high-quality equipment to businesses in the food industry. Our Commercial Fruit Slicers are designed with precision and efficiency in mind, making them essential tools for restaurants, hotels, and catering services. With Queenwins as your supplier, you can expect top-notch slicers that streamline food preparation, ensuring consistency and speed in slicing fruits for your culinary needs.

Product Features

The Commercial fruit slicer stands as a pinnacle of precision and efficiency in the culinary world. Its remarkable ability to effortlessly produce flawless slices, free from fibrous textures, sets a new standard for quality. Each cut yields parallel slices, maintaining the integrity of the fruit, with an impressive high yield that ensures minimal wastage – a hallmark of superior craftsmanship.

What truly distinguishes this fruit slicer is its user-centric design. Adjusting the slice thickness to your exact preference is as intuitive as adding or reducing flat pads. This ingenious mechanism simplifies the process, offering unparalleled ease of use in your daily culinary endeavors.

Whether you're preparing sumptuous fruit platters or crafting delectable desserts, the Commercial fruit slicer empowers you to create with finesse. Elevate your culinary creations with this versatile and user-friendly tool, where innovation and convenience converge seamlessly. Embrace a new level of precision and elevate your culinary creations with the exceptional capabilities of the Commercial fruit slicer – a true game-changer in the art of slicing.

Product Specifications and Parameters

The parameter specifications of Commercial fruit slicer are as follows.



Commercial fruit slicer


Product performance

1. The thickness and size of the slices of the Commercial fruit slicer are all, the cut tissue is fresh, and the fruit fiber tissue is not damaged
2. The thickness of fruits and vegetables can be adjusted
3. High efficiency, low consumption, low integrity, high quality stainless steel and alloy manufacturing, safe, sanitary, beautiful, and applicable to base class, fruits and vegetables, etc
4. Commercial fruit slicer uses different types of pure stainless steel inlets that can be customized.

Product precautions

1. Place the Commercial fruit slicer on a horizontal work site to ensure that the machine is placed stably and reliably
2. Use money to check all parts of the machine, check whether the accessories are loose during transportation, and whether the switch and power cord are damaged due to transportation, and take corresponding measures in time
3. Check whether there is any foreign matter inside the Commercial fruit slicer. If there is any foreign matter, clean the refrigerator to avoid product damage
4. Ensure that the power supply voltage and the rated voltage of the machine meet

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